Artist, Songwriter, Composer

Travis has been in the music industry as a performer for over 10 years but has practiced entertainment professionally starting late 2012 and he has already had the privilege of hosting, performing and leading various shows and concerts nationwide. He is the main Vocalist in the highly renowned Relation Band, who has been performing for over 20 years. Travis is known for his charm, elegance and on stage presence as a performer and MC. Travis is also know for his fusions and captivating lyrics and award winning songs, like the 2014 carnival theme song Ole Ola (en sel lavwa) that is noted as the young carnival theme, his 2015 national day song “Avan Tou” and through his multi number 1 hit album released in 2013 that has since set new trends for albums and musical performances in Seychelles. 

 His Music Career 

The album "Relasyon" featured some of the biggest hits of its time. Songs like Dezorme, Papa, San tit helped the album get praised locally and earned Travis multiple nominations from Song of the year, Best Male artist to Single of the year in National Awards ceremonies and it also helped him Win Best New Artist Award in 2013 Seychelles Music Award, in addition the song San Tit was selected as the song to drive the youth in line with the 2013 – 2014 National theme selected by The President of Seychelles which was “Valer pou mwan, Valer Pou ou”. In 2014 Travis participated in countless concerts locally which included the National Miss Seychelles beauty pageant and Carnival International de Victoria International Show to name a few. Travis also participated in The "Carnival International De Victoria" and won the first prize with his song “Ole Ola (En Sel Lavwa)”.  To follow his 2014 musical success Travis was again nominated for the yearly awards where performed his 2014 hits. In 2015 Travis released one of his most requested single "FRAZIL". He also finished 2nd in the National Song competition with his song "Avan Tou".  He also won the award for best collaboration at the airtel music award with the song “Lanmour Voras” featuring Ambitious. In 2016 he released his second album "Pasyon". With a cocktail of genres including sega fusion, Reggae and more. Again the album got  was successful and widely accepted. Tracks like "lafoumbal" and "ti Ker" is still a favourite amonst the locals. In 2018 Travis featured with Mia another artists from "The Relations" on two tracks on her album. Later in 2019 he released a collaboration album with Mia featuring 9 tracks. 

Travis has again evolved his sound to bring us another master piece; LIMZK which reads  Lanmizik I Mazik (Music is Magic). Containing 17 original songs from the brilliant mind of Travis Julienne and Eddy Telemaque (TRAVS and the Relations). LIMZK is one of the most anticipated album from the group. LIMZK features Mia. Tyra and Pusso.